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    University of Exeter

    2014 - 2019

    Arap ve İslami Çalışmalar

    Tez Adı: The Implicit Role of Custom (’Urf) in The Islamic Jurisprudence of Saudi Arabia and Iran: A Comparative Legal Study of Mu’amalat (Marriage and Divorce Rules)
  • M

    University of Exeter {England}

    2013 - 2014


    Tez Adı: Examining The Impact of Culture on The Implementation of Shari’a Law in Iran and Saudi Arabia
  • B


    2006 - 2009
    Bachelor Degree


    Tez Adı:
Article Title Scope Journal Name: Volume: Issue:
The Usage of Custom in the Contemporary Legal System of Saudi Arabia: Divorce on Trial International Kilis 7 December University Journal of Theology 11 11
Law of Desire: Temporary Marriage in Shi’i Iran International Ankara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi 61 1
Maha A. Z. Yamani. Polygamy and Law in Contemporary Saudi Arabia. Reading, UK: Ithaca Press, 2008, 275 pages. International Marmara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi 57 57
Paper Title Scope: Event Name: Year:
Günümüz Suudi Arabistan’xxdaki Hukuk Sisteminde Klasik Hanbeli Fıkhının Kullanımı ve Örfün Etkisi National Seminer 23.10.2019
Shiite Law National Centre for the Study of Islam (CSI) 09.11.2016
Cultural differences of marriage and divorce laws between Iran and Saudi Arabia National Humanities PGR Conference 2015 30.03.2015
The Connection between Qom Seminaries and Interpretation of Sacred Sources in Ja‘farī Jurisprudence International International Conference on Islam and Philosophy 21.02.2019
The USage of Sectarian Religious Interpretations in Iran and Saudi Arabia International Sectarianism, Communitarianism and the State 04.01.2020
The outcome of the concept of innovation (bid‘a) in religious interpretations of Saudi andIranian scholars International Religion Culture Society Summer School 25.08.2019
The influence of custom in the sharī‘a rules for the sphere of mu‘āmalāt (social relations) with reference to various implementations in Saudi Arabia and Iran International Uses of the Past in Islamic Legal Thought and Practice Autumn School 11.11.2018
The Usage of Custom in the Contemporary Legal System of Saudi Arabia: Divorce on Trial International Tradition Evolution and Revoluation in the Middle East and North Africa 01.11.2018
The Right of Woman to Initiate Divorce in the Jurisprudence of Iran: An Analysis of Court Case International World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies 16.07.2018
Culture and Jurisprudence in Islamic Law: Fatwas on women driving in Saudi Arabia International GW4 Understanding Religion and Law 10.12.2015
The Influence of Custom in the Saudi Legal System International Medeniyet ve Birlikte Yaşama Kültürü Sempozyumu 18.05.2017
The typical inference of custom in the Jurisprudence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia International BRAIS Conference 2018 09.04.2018
Year Book Title Chapter: Contribution Level:
2017 The Transformational Process of the Precidency of Religious Affairs in Turkey Tümü
Year Dissertation Title Author: Type: Status:
Academic Year Course Title Educational Level:
2018-2019 İslam Hukuku II Bachelor Degree
2018-2019 İslam Hukuku I Bachelor Degree
2019-2020 Mukayeseli İslam Hukuku II Bachelor Degree
2018-2019 Pratik İslam Hukuku I Doctorate
2018-2019 Mukayeseli İslam Hukuku I Bachelor Degree
2019-2020 İslam Hukuku II Bachelor Degree
2019-2020 İslam Hukuku I Bachelor Degree
2018-2019 Pratik İslam Hukuku I Master
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Patent Title Inventors: Category: Scope:
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